DS9006 - Vending Machine Heating/Cooling Unit- Prevents Machines From Freezing UP!

Price: $134.99
SKU:  DS9006
Manufacturer Part #:  DS9006

Kit is a 150-watt construction grade bulb with auto on/off at 40° and plugs into the wall. The heating and cooling module takes the place of the thermostat. It plugs into the refrigeration deck and has auto off/on at 37° This kit includes all the parts needed to install an automatic machine heater and cooler that turns on/off depending upon machine temperature. This is great for vending locations that are subject to extreme cold temperatures. Often times refrigeration systems will work too well, causing the product in a machine to expand and explode inside their cans. This creates a safety hazard until the machine is properly cleaned and inspected which takes time and money. This kit is also capable of replacing the machine's internal thermostat for a fully automatic heating and cooling solution. YOU WILL NEED CLEARANCE OF 5" X 5" X 10" TO INSTALL.


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