DS4514 - Cassida 9900R 2 Pocket Mixed Bill Counter/Sorter/Reader

Price: $1,649.00
SKU:  DS4514
Manufacturer Part #:  DS4514

Cassida 9900R 2 Pocket Mixed Bill Counter/Sorter/Reader

Premium Bank-Grade: Superior functionality, accuracy, performance, and reliability. Counts both value and number of bills. Sorts by denomination, face, and orientation. Flawlessly handles mixed denominations and mixed currencies. 100% secure advanced multi-sensor counterfeit detection including serial number recognition, half, chain, and double bill detection. Adjustable speed up to 1200 bills per minute. Displays summary and detailed records.

Professional and Powerful: A 2-Pocket mixed denomination value counter and sorter, with strong counterfeit detection (UV, MG, IR, 2CIS) and a high level of performance. It has a TFT touch display with a convenient user-friendly interface, intuitive touch control panel to navigate through the various counting modes (Mix, Sort, Count, Face, Orient, VBaatch, DSort) and functions (Batch, Add, Auto/Manual...) offered by the product.

USA-Based and Built for North America: Engineered, inspected, shipped, and supported in the USA. Designed specifically for American businesses by American professionals.

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