DS4506 - Cassida 8800R Premium Bank Grade Mixed Denomination Bill Counter

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Manufacturer Part #:  DS4506

DS4506 - Cassida 8800R Premium Bank Grade Mixed Denomination Bill Counter

  • Premium Bank-Grade:
    Superior functionality, accuracy, performance, and
    reliability. Counts both value and number of bills.
    Sorts by denomination, face, and orientation.
    Flawlessly handles mixed denominations and mixed
    currencies. 100% secure advanced multi-sensor
    counterfeit detection including serial number
    recognition, half, chain, and double bill detection.
    Adjustable speed up to 1200 bills per minute.
    Displays summary and detailed records.
    Printing enabled (printer not included). 

  • Multiple Sensors:
    Dual Contact Image
    Scanner (2CIS), Ultraviolet (UV),
    Infrared (IR), Magnetic (MG).

  • Powerful, Durable & Easy to Use:
    Intuitive navigation with a clear 3.5" touchscreen TFT
    display and touch buttons. Easy cleaning and
    anti-jam access. Solid body with strong and durable
    materials. Titan-II heavy-duty motor.
    Includes external display and dust cover.

  • USA-based Support and Returns:
    Cassida is a USA Company, based in San Diego CA,
    providing a 3-year Extended Warranty, free lifetime
    professional support and easy, fast returns.


Grade: Bank

Counting Speed: Adjustable up to 1,200 bills/minute

CapacityHopper: 500 Bills (uncirculated)

               Stacker: 250 Bills (uncirculated)

Operational Modes: Mix, Sort, VSort, Count, Face, Orientation,

                              Add, Batch, Add+Batch, Auto-Currency,


Display Type: TFT Touch Screen

Dimensions: 11.3" W x 10.7" D x 11.2" H

Weight: 13.2 lbs.

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A bank-grade, retail-ready solution, the Cassida 8800R simplifies cash handling and boosts productivity through accurate, smooth, and reliable multi-mode cash counting, sorting, and counterfeit detection. It features multiple currencies, counting modes and functions, sensors, and intuitive interface with a clear 3.5"" touch screen display. The Cassida 8800R includes an external display and dust cover and is printing enabled (printer not included). Unlike simple money counters, the Cassida 8800R reads a mixed stack of bills as it's fed through, automatically detecting each bill's currency, denomination, serial number, orientation, and face, while also scanning for counterfeits. It then displays the total and allows viewing and printing itemized reports at the individual bill denomination and serial number level. Currencies: USD / CAD / MXN / EUR / GBP Modes: MIX: Quickly count a stack of mixed denominations SORT: Count and sort bills by one denomination VSORT: Count bills and sort by denominations COUNT: Count the number of bills/vouchers/tickets FACE: Sort bills face up or face down ORIENTATION: Sort bills in the same orientation Functions: ADD: Keep count of bills added BATCH: Set and count bills in custom amounts ADD & BATCH: Keep total count of custom batches AUTO-CURRENCY: Sort and count one currency in a mixed stack MULTI-CURRENCY: Count a stack of mixed currencies and denominations Sensors: Dual Contact Image Scanner (2CIS), UltraViolet (UV), InfraRed (IR), Magnetic (MG)


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