D950U-1 - INONE Kit- USI 3013/3023-25/3053/3054/3077/3084/3085/3155/3157-59/3160/3184/3185/3208 Series Machines

Price: $375.00
SKU:  D950U-1
Product  D950-U1

INONE Kit- USI 3013/3023-25/3053/3054/3077/3084/3085/3155/3157-59/3160/3184/3185/3208 Series Machines.  These machines have the factory Snackmart 6 Control Board.  VMC by inOne Technology. Converts your machine to MDB & Dex and includes NEW Control Board, $5.00 bill acceptance. Makes your machine more efficient, your customers more satisfied.

Note:  Your machine MUST have the keypad with the plug pictured below in order for this kit to work.  If your machine doesn't have this keypad, you will need to order D4201202 and replace your keypad.


Note: If your machine is refrigerated, you MUST bypass the current control and replace with this manual cold control: D80280009041

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