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DS8005 DS8005 - CT3 Vending Tester

Imagine.... a vending tester that allows you to test most type of changers, bill changers and cashless systems.

The CT3 can test Single Price 120v coin changers, Logic (Dummy) 12 or 15 pin, MDB coin changers, bill acceptors and most cashless systems as wel as most pulse type bill validators.
Features such as the AUTO-TEST take you step-by-step through the process of testing and the ability to tune most coin changers allows you to make back your investment quickly. You can also simulate sales using the three programmable selections. Combined, these features make the CT3 an incomparable testing device.

An option* is offered for the CT3 Vending Tester, which is an external bill module for testing of pulse type bill validators.

*Option sold seperately

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Price: $795.00 
DS8001 DS8001 - CT3 Vending Tester Module

CT3 Vending Tester Module. The external bill module for testing of pulse type bill validators for most Mars, Coinco, Maka and Ardac units.

DS8005 is required to use this tester!

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Price: $125.00 
DS8008 DS8008 - CTX MDB Tester Pro w/Power Supply

CTX MDB Tester Pro- Light weight MDB Tester, less than 1 Pound!  Unit has Vending Machine, Coin Changer, and Bill Validator Simulator Modes, as well as a Testing and Tuning Feature.  Dual power choices, either external power supply or via VMC MDB port.  Easily upgradable by Flash and contains the SEM Short Protection System.  Comes with plug in power supply.

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Price: $459.95 
A01440 A01440 - SEM CT3 Tester Mars/MEI Jumper Harness

SEM CT3 Tester Mars/MEI Jumper Harness

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Price: $25.00 
A01560 A01560 - SEM CT3 Tester Coinco Jumper Harness

SEM CT3 Tester Coinco Jumper Harness

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Price: $20.00