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Motorola MC55/65/70/75 Series Repair Services


We can now fix your Motorola MC55/65/70/75 Series Handheld DEX readers. Everything on the units can be repaired, including screens, for a flat rate of $174.95.  ALL PARTS INCLUDED!!!

The entire unit will be covered under our 90 day warranty. So if you send a handheld in for a screen replacement, and 45 days later the bottom port stops working, we will cover that under warranty, unless its vandalized (someone jams a screwdriver in it).  To my knowledge, we are the ONLY company that offers this service.

This is substantially lower then getting them repaired at OEM or service centers.  Handheld units with major board damage or cracked cases can't be sent in for repair. We will be getting in factory rebuilt units from time to time as well, so please ask your salesperson on availability.  Repair lead time will be less than a week once we receive your unit(s) at our company.  3-Day turnaround is available at an additional fee.