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Remanufactured and Used Vending Machine Sales

D&S Vending, Inc is your trusted partner for vending machine sales. Our inventory typically includes used equipment in three conditions.


Condition 1As is; complete used vending machines. 

• The vending machine should be checked out and repaired as necessary.

Condition 2Clean, checked out, and working used vending machines. 

• The vending machine has not been remanufactured, but all necessary repairs have been made and bad parts replaced. Condition 2 vending machines come with a 30-day warranty.

Condition 3Remanufactured vending machines. 

• All body work done, painted, new cosmetics (new trim, Tuffronts or vinyl, instruction plates, etc) and all worn parts replaced. Coin changer and bill validator will be rebuilt and all electronics will be gone through and repaired or replaced when necessary. Refrigeration unit will be rebuilt and reconditioned (if applicable). New water valves, tubing, and water filter and tank delimed (if applicable). Machine will look like new, with a 90 day warranty on all parts. FREE technical assistance on our 1-800-445-8363 line for any problems that may occur during warranty time!

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