Credit Application

e print the application linked and fill it out completely.
Fax it to: (800) 275-8583 
E-mail it to: [email protected]

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Credit Trade References - Two are Mandatory:

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All past balances are subject to a 1.5% late charge.

I, We, the undersigned, being the owner, or principal stockholder of the entity, known as , who have made application for credit with you, hereby agree for valuable consideration to unconditionally indemnify you from any and all losses you might sustain by reason of the entity mentioned above failed to pay its obligations when due for goods and/or services delivered by you, sold by you and/or for work performed by you, and I, we, do agree to waive notice of default, hereby giving you the right to extend the time of payment without limitation and do individually and severally agree to be personally liable for the obligations of and/or for any goods, services and/or merchandise or credit extended/expended by you.  The undersigned hereby authorizes D&S Vending, Inc to investigate the credit of the entity and/or the individual submitting this document with any of its suppliers, financial institutions, credit bureaus, or credit reporting agencies and to retain this data in our file for future reference.


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Once you click submit it will open up an e-mail, send the e-mail.