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DS595A - iPhone 6/6S/7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector- All Clear

Price: $10.95
Our state of the art iPhone 6/6S/7 screen protectors with white edges are the best in ANY industry.  Check out the features:
-The highest quality screen protector currently on the market.
-Up to 5 times more scratch resistant & up to 50% less expensive than that competition.
-Smooth texture, fingerprint resistant,  and rounded corners to install in minutes.
-99.9% transparent  tempered glass with silicon adhesion that prevents air bubbles.

Check out video to see a 1 minute video of an iPhone surviving a two story fall with our screen protector on it!


Customer Reviews

(5.00)stars out of 5
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1. on 10/21/2015, said:
5 stars out of 5
This screen protector is unbelievable. Just 2 weeks after I bought my new iphone I accidentally left it on top of my car. I didn't even realized where I lost it until someone walking their dog found it and graciously returned it to me later that day. They found it on the side of the road after it had flown off of my roof. I thought for sure there was no way my phone survived. The entire screen appeared as though it was shattered, but when I pealed off the protector, it was only the protector that shattered, my phone was literally in perfect shape without a scratch! I immediately bought a second one. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!
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