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DS595L - Samsung Note 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector- All Clear

Price: $10.95
Our state of the art Samsung Note 4 all clear screen protectors are the best in ANY industry.  Check out the features:
-The highest quality screen protector currently on the market.
-Up to 5 times more scratch resistant & up to 50% less expensive than that competition.
-Smooth texture, fingerprint resistant,  and rounded corners to install in minutes.
-99.9% transparent  tempered glass with silicon adhesion that prevents air bubbles.

Check out video to see a 1 minute video of an iPhone surviving a two story fall with our screen protector on it!


Customer Reviews

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1. on 10/20/2015, said:
5 stars out of 5
As anyone who knows me knows, I do not have a great track record with phones. When I recently bought a new phone, Jason Greene suggested I add this screen protector to it. Because of him, I am not carrying around a damaged phone today. Within 4 days of attaching it, my phone fell out of my pocket while I was running to catch a dog. The protector crackled, BUT MY PHONE SCREEN WAS NOT EVEN SCRATCHED!!! Needless to say, I immediately bought another one, and say from experience that this screen protector is well worth its price. It's worth more than what I paid for both combined! I highly recommend it! THANK YOU, JASON GREENE!!!
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