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DS1280 - Step Rider Lift'N Roll Handtruck Set- 32" Tall

Price: $925.00
Lift'N Roll     The Lift'N Roll System consists of two short hand trucks which can be used to move machines and other large and heavy items.

Operation is simple. You strap our two-unit Lift'N roll hand trucks on the opposite sides of your machine. The with a few twists of the wrist, the machine is easily lifted above the ground, automatically locked in place, and you are you are ready to roll to final placement.

They can also be used to "clam shell" machines and other wide loads through a tight doorway. Simply open the machine door and run the strap behind it. When you have finished the "clam shell" part of the move, you may gently lower the machine to the ground, and re-strap the load with the machine door closed.

Floor clearance of 1/8" to 4 1/2' is possible with our hydraulics rams to insure the operator being able to clear low doorways or difficult thresholds. And, you can gently set the load down without damaging the floors. You're gonna love its smooth operation. Unit has a 1500 pound capacity.   Toe Plate on unit is 19" wide and 5" deep.  There is a lifetime warranty on the frame and 30 day warranty on all moveable parts.  UNITS ARE DROP SHIPPED FROM MANUFACTURER AND USUALLY TAKE 4-8 WEEKS TO ARRIVE.  Shipping weight is 120 pounds.

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