DS685 - Commercial Germicidal Handheld UVC Light, 18W, 120VAC

Price: $99.99
SKU:  DS685
Manufacturer Part #:  DS685

Commercial Germicidal Handheld UVC Light, 18W, 120VAC.  Works on vending machines, micromarkets, and totes that hold your vending products!

Designed to disinfect a wide range of surfaces such as but not limited to those found in kitchens, workstations, equipment, tables, keypads and computers. 

  • Eliminate up to 99% of harmful bacteria, viruses and other microbes on surfaces and in the air
  • 12,000hrs rated average tube life
  • Hands-free operation with a sturdy hook on the light head
  • Mount to any metal surface with magnet in back side
  • Full 360 degree UVC illumination protected by a lens guard
  • No-contact disinfection with non-slip handle
  • Half shelled aluminum reflector contributing to safety and productivity
  • 33 foot cord with standard 3 prong plug
  • Using wand 4" away from surface for 5 seconds will sterilize area up to 99.9%

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